How old are the dogs when they retire?
On average, the dogs retire between 10 and 11 years old. Each year the teams have to pass rigorous testing designed by the USPCA to make sure they can still function as police dogs. These tests include events to test their agility, strength and speed.

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1. Where do the dogs come from?
2. Who trains the dogs?
3. How long is the training?
4. Do the dogs live with their handlers?
5. How old are the dogs when they retire?
6. How do officers get selected to become canine handlers?
7. How much do the dogs cost?
8. What are the dogs used for?
9. Who pays for the care of the dogs?
10. Are the dogs safe when left in their patrol cars while the handler is not there?
11. Is hurting a police dog the same as hurting a police officer?