When is this project going to start?

The City still has to complete the work of the Wetland Mitigation Proposal including public information meetings, appropriate easement to protect the property in perpetuity, and final review and approval by local, state, and federal agencies. This approval process can take up to two years.

The City is planning to start an education and outreach initiative in fall 2021. The City Council will need to approve moving forward and contracting for the restoration activities prior to any tree work beginning.

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1. What is a Wetland Bank?
2. Why Restore the Pioneer Park Wetland?
3. What Does Wetland Restoration Mean?
4. Why is the City planning to remove trees in Pioneer Park?
5. How much of Pioneer Park will have trees removed?
6. Will all the trees within the project area be removed?
7. How much of the park will change to wetland?
8. Will the trails still have shade?
9. I see trees that look good and have been tagged. What does the tag mean?
10. Is this project being done to make room for more housing developments?
11. How will this affect the wildlife in the park?
12. When is this project going to start?
13. How is the money from the credits sales being spent?
14. Why can’t the east boundary be moved west to the ditch?