What other items may be required prior to the building permit being issued?

The following list could vary depending upon the project’s scope of work.  Some items may not apply to the project.  Other projects may require items not listed below.

  •   Responses to building plan review comments
  • Special Inspections form
  • Energy Compliance forms (If using ASHRAE 90.1 - ComCheck for Building Envelope, HVAC, Lighting - interior and/or exterior Service Water Heating),)
  • EIFS & Sealant forms
  • SAC determination from Met Council
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Watershed permit from either Coon Creek or Rice Creek Watershed Districts
  • Erosion and Sediment Control installation approval by Engineering Department
  • SIPA and financial guarantee payment submitted to Planning Department
  • All applicable subcontractors must be listed on iMS online application (subcontractors must have current commercial license and be registered in iMS)
  • Approval from all applicable departments (Building, Fire, Planning, Engineering & Utilities)
  • New Buildings and Additions - mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans must be submitted along with the rest of the plan set
  • GC Acknowledgement (when applicable)

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1. Do plans need original signatures or are electronic signatures okay?
2. How many sets of plans are required for permit submittal?
3. Do plans need to be embossed by an architect and engineer?
4. What is the current review period for drawings?
5. What is the current review period for responses to the building department comments?
6. Is express plan review available?
7. Do permit drawings need to be submitted to any additional departments such as the Fire Marshal, State Review, etc.?
8. Is a demolition permit available prior to the building permit?
9. Does a general contractor need to be awarded prior to submittal for permit?
10. Does the general contractor and/or subcontractor’s company name need to be entered in the permit application for the submittal to be accepted and plan review to begin?
11. Once the general contractor is awarded for new building and addition permits, how are they added as the responsible party/applicant for the permit?
12. Are insurance certificates or bonds required at the time of submittal? If so, by whom?
13. Are separate applications required by the subcontractors? If so, by whom?
14. What type of Commercial permits is Landlord approval needed for? If so, at permit submittal or at permit issuance?
15. Can we receive our permit without the landlord’s shell building work being completed and finaled prior to Substantial Completions?
16. Are low voltage permits required?
17. Are low voltage permit applications required at the time of building permit submittal for the release of the building permit?
18. Do fire alarm and sprinkler drawings need to be submitted with the building permit application?
19. Do the fire protection subcontractors need to prepare drawings, cut sheets, and calculations for building permit submittal?
20. Can the submittal be mailed in?
21. Can the submittal be made in person?
22. Does the building department offer expedited services or work with any specific expeditors?
23. Is a plan check fee do at the time of permit submittal?
24. Are permit fees due at the time of submittal or permit pick up?
25. Are there any additional fees to be aware of?
26. What other items may be required prior to the building permit being issued?
27. Current building codes being used: