Notice to Applicants

The officers are at all times subject to the policies of the City of Blaine, the laws and Constitution of the United States and the state of Minnesota, and the rules and regulations governing employees of the Blaine Police Department (BPD). An applicant has no authority over police personnel and is restricted to providing only a general assignment of duties to be performed by the officer. Those assignments never supersede BPD policy or procedures and the applicant is hereby so advised. Extra duty officers remain under the exclusive control of the city and are accountable for strict adherence to its rules and regulations. Any conflicting rules of the applicant will be disregarded. The officer shall refuse to perform any duties deemed to be in conflict with the guidelines established by BPD. As determined by the Police Department, officers may be recalled from extra duty to on duty status.

This application is for law enforcement work only and does not exempt applicants from obtaining other necessary permits for events.

The City of Blaine Police Department is NOT obligated to provide extra duty services. The city reserves its right to deny an application for extra-duty officers.

BPD officers are not permitted to receive cash from applicant for any reason whatsoever. 

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