Cancellations Procedures

Cancellations by Applicant

  • Cancellation by the applicant shall be made at least 24 hours before the assignment begins, unless the cancellation is caused by weather related conditions or natural disaster.
  • If the Administrative Services Captain receives less than 24 hour notice from the applicant, the applicant shall be charged a minimum of three hours for each requested Officer.
  • During business hours contact the Administrative Services Captain by calling 763-785-6168 for cancellations (Monday through Friday 8AM – 4PM)
  • If there are cancellations of an impending assignment during non-business hours the applicant should attempt to contact the Administrative Services Captain and if unsuccessful, contact the Patrol Supervisor at 763-427-1212.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Applicant to notify the Administrative Services Captain if the business or organization will be closed for a holiday or for any other purpose when extra duty officers are normally scheduled. If the applicant fails to notify the Administrative Services Captain that officers are not needed that day, the normal minimum charges for the assignment will apply.

Cancellations by the Blaine Police Department

  • Cancellations by the On-Duty Patrol Supervisor or the Administrative Services Captain
    • Under extraordinary circumstances, if an assigned officer is unable to fulfill the assignment due to illness or injury and a substitute cannot be found, the applicant assignment may be cancelled.
    • The applicant will not be billed for the scheduled hours. If applicant paid in advance, the hours scheduled and not worked will be refunded.
  • Cancellations by the Chief of Police
    • In the case of a Departmental need or community emergency, the Chief or his designee may cancel extra-duty assignments.
    • The applicant will not be billed for any hours not worked.

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