Modern roundabouts are a newer form of traffic control in Minnesota. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their safety, efficiency, and economic benefits.

Modern Roundabout Myths

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings that people hear about roundabouts.

The following myths regarding roundabouts are all false:

  • Modern roundabouts are the same thing as traffic circles.
  • Vehicles do not have to stop when entering a modern roundabout.
  • Modern roundabouts are not safe for pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Modern roundabouts cause more crashes.
  • Roundabouts are confusing for younger and elderly drivers.
  • Vehicles can get trapped in the inside lane of a roundabout.
  • Modern roundabouts are built too small for trucks and buses.
  • Roundabouts make it difficult for vehicles to turn onto the road.
  • Modern roundabouts have a negative impact on local businesses.
  • Modern roundabouts cost more than stop lights.

The following video demonstrates why roundabouts are a viable alternative for intersection traffic control: