Creek or Ditch Obstructions

Obstruction Overview

Have you recently seen trees or garbage in a creek or ditch, obstructing its flow? Do you see a blocked culvert? An obstruction may be from garbage, fallen trees, eroded banks or dead tree limbs that have dropped into the ditch. Regardless, the principle is the same; something is blocking water flow, causing water to backup. In Anoka County's flat landscape, an obstruction in a ditch or creek can cause flooding upstream for a mile or more.

Report Obstructions

We need your eyes to help monitor the 126 miles of ditches in Coon Creek Watershed District. Look for blockages of water or culverts. Also, notice water that is backed up, especially after storms. This may be the result of an obstruction. If your property borders a waterway, it is a good idea to check for obstructions regularly.

Please call the Coon Creek Watershed District at 763-755-0975 if you see obstructions in a culvert, creek or ditch. With your call, we will enter the issue into our Issues Log, send out staff as quickly as possible and determine if the obstruction warrants action.

When you call, please give the location address. The process can move more quickly if photos are emailed to us.