Community Spotlight

Introducing the Best of Blaine:

Traffie with Resident 400x400Blaine Police Department's Community Spotlight Program, Shining a Light on Community Heroes

Do you know someone in your community who goes above and beyond to make Blaine a better place?  We believe it's time to celebrate these unsung heroes and give them the recognition they deserve! The Blaine Police Department’s Community Spotlight Program, Best in Blaine, aims to honor these dedicated individuals who make our great Blaine Community safer, more secure, and better.

What is the Community Spotlight Program? This program is designed to acknowledge and highlight the exceptional efforts of individuals who contribute to creating safer, more resilient neighborhoods. It serves as a platform to recognize their outstanding contributions, share their stories, and inspire others to get involved in our community. Each month, the Blaine Police Department will feature an outstanding individual that lives or works in Blaine on our social media pages. 

Individuals can be ambassadors of public safety by actively participating in their communities and promoting a culture of safety and preparedness, such as: 

  1. Neighborhood Groups: Residents can organize and participate in neighborhood groups created to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and share information with neighbors through meetings, emails, or Nextdoor in efforts to prevent crime. Encouraging residents to report any unusual or suspicious activity to local authorities is a fundamental way to enhance public safety.
  2. Emergency Response Training: Many communities offer training in first aid, CPR, and basic emergency response techniques. Residents can participate in these programs to be better prepared to assist in emergencies, such as accidents or natural disasters.
  3. Community Cleanup Initiatives: Keeping the community clean and well-maintained can deter criminal activity and improve overall safety. Residents can organize clean-up events, remove graffiti, and report abandoned or neglected properties to local authorities.
  4. Traffic Safety Campaigns: Residents can advocate for traffic safety in their neighborhoods. This may include raising awareness about speeding, organizing campaigns against distracted driving, and working with local authorities to improve road safety.
  5. Disaster Preparedness: Residents can encourage their neighbors to create emergency preparedness plans and assemble disaster supply kits. Sharing knowledge about how to respond to earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters can make a community more resilient.
  6. Child Safety Initiatives: Parents and caregivers can organize child safety workshops to educate others about childproofing homes, car seat safety, and proper supervision of children in public areas.
  7. Community Education: Residents can offer workshops or seminars on a variety of safety topics, including cyber safety, personal security, and self-defense. These events can help empower individuals to protect themselves and their families.
  8. Supporting Vulnerable Populations: Residents can advocate for and support vulnerable members of the community, such as the elderly or those with disabilities, by checking on their well-being during extreme weather events or emergencies.
  9. Community Engagement: Building positive relationships with local law enforcement is vital for public safety. Residents can participate in community policing initiatives and engage in open dialogues with law enforcement officers to address concerns and foster trust, such as Coffee with a Cop.
  10. Supporting Local Public Safety Agencies: Residents can volunteer or fundraise for local public safety agencies, such as police departments, fire stations, or emergency medical services, to help them acquire needed resources and equipment and contribute to the well-being of your community.

Or many other ways in which people make our Blaine Community even better than it already is!

How can you get involved?

  1. Nominate a Hero: Know someone who deserves recognition for their contributions to public safety? Nominate them for the Public Safety Resident Spotlight Program.
  2. Spread the Word: Tell others about the program on social media, community bulletin boards, and in your social networks to inspire others to nominate heroes they may know. 
  3. Be a Hero: Get involved in your community and be an ambassador for public safety. Maybe you will be nominated one day!

Let's come together to honor those who go over and above to make our community a safer place. Join us in celebrating the heroes in our neighborhoods through the Public Safety Community Spotlight Program. Together, we can create a safer and more connected community for everyone.