22-05: 89th Avenue and Davenport Area Street Reconstructions

Project Update - 11/17/2023

Construction has been completed with the exception of minor punch list items. Once assessment calculations are completed in the first quarter of 2024, assessed properties will begin to receive assessment information in the mail.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Bolton & Menk inspector Travis Pearl at 612-599-3191 or Travis.Pearl@bolton-menk.com

22-05 Phasing Plan

Project Location

The project areas include the following streets:

  • Baltimore Street from 85th Avenue to 89th Avenue
  • Davenport Street from 85th Avenue to 89th Avenue
  • 89th Avenue from Central Avenue (MN-65) to Davenport Street
  • 87th Avenue from Central Avenue (MN-65) to Hastings Street
  • Eldorado Street from 85th Avenue to 87th Avenue
  • Goodhue Street from 85th Avenue to 87th Avenue
  • Goodhue Street from 87th Avenue to northerly dead end
  • Jenkins Court from 85th Avenue to the cul de sac

Project Description

The proposed improvements would include a full reconstruction of the streets with new concrete curb and gutter, with the exception of Jenkins Court, which would be a mill/overlay with spot curb replacement. There would also be modifications and repairs to existing storm sewer and replacement of all sanitary sewer castings and rings.

Project Documents