Earth Removal/Land Reclamation Permit

Any excavation, filling, or moving of material over 100 cubic yards requires a Land Reclamation Permit from the City. A permit may also be required from the Watershed District in the area.

If an application is more than 5,000 cubic yards, a Conditional Use Permit is required.

Permits are valid only for 100 cubic yards up to 5,000 cubic yards under Chapter 34 of the Blaine City Code. The fees are:

  • $100 for 100 cubic yards to 500 cubic yards
  • $350 for 500 cubic yards to 5,000 cubic yards

For more information on the steps in the application process for Earth Removal and/or Land Reclamation Permits, please contact the Engineering Department at 763-717-2688.

Permit Documents