Recreation Fire Regulations

City of Blaine Recreational Fire Regulations

Open burning of lumber, pallets, wooden shingles, scrap wood, leaves, yard waste, cardboard, paper, garbage, and other similar items is not permitted within the City of Blaine. Burning of brush and tree trimmings is only allowed in accordance with the open burning ordinance, which requires a permit from the Fire Inspection Division.

Recreational fires are permitted in the residential area without a fire department permit as long as the following rules are observed:

  1. Only natural firewood cut in short lengths less than two feet may be burned.
  2. The fire must be contained in a manufactured freestanding fire pit or ring or a pit not exceeding three feet in diameter. The fire shall be limited in fuel so that the flame never exceeds 36 inches (three feet) in height.
  3. Fire rings or pits must be located a minimum of 25 feet from structures or combustibles, such as houses, garages, sheds, wood piles, and wooden fences. Manufactured freestanding fire pits equipped with side screens and a cover must be located a minimum of 10 feet from any structures or combustibles such as houses, garages, sheds wood piles, and wood fences.
  4. The fire must be constantly attended and supervised by an adult until the fire has been completely extinguished.
  5. A connected garden hose or other means to extinguish the fire must be readily available.
  6. The use of flammable or combustible liquid accelerants is not permitted.
  7. Recreational fires are not permitted on days when the wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour.
  8. Recreational fires are not permitted on commercial sites, industrial sites, or sites with construction activities.
  9. Police and Fire Department responders are authorized to require that a recreational fire be immediately extinguished and discontinued if it is determined that the fire is not in compliance with the above rules, the smoke is offensive to nearby neighbors, or the burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

Violations of these fire rules are misdemeanor offenses requiring a court appearance and punishable by fines up to $1000 and/or 90 days in jail.

Residents with questions about the regulations are asked to call 763-785-6187. If you need to report illegal burning please call 911.

Download the Recreational Fire Regulations (PDF)