Solicitor/Peddler/Transient Merchant License

Peddler/Solicitor/Transient Merchant licenses are required for any person who goes house-to-house, door-to-door, business-to-business, street-to-street to the purpose of offering for sale, display for sale, selling or attempting to sell goods, wares, products, or merchandise.

City ordinance requires solicitors, peddlers, and transient merchants be licensed in the City of Blaine. 

Important changes to the Solicitor/Peddler Application process:

  • Only one application per business should be filled out.
  • The business or on-site supervisor must fill out the application, pay license fee and pay the $35 background fee for all persons going door to door for the company before the application can be submitted.
  • Registered persons (solicitors) working for the company do not fill out their own application.

As always, soliciting is not allowed until a business is licensed, and each individual has an ID badge from the City.  All solicitors must have their badge with them and be visible while going door to door.

  1. Step 1 - Review and Prepare
  2. Step 2 - Create an Account
  3. Step 3 - Apply
  4. Step 4 - Review and Payment

Review and Prepare

The following documents need to be available for upload during the online application process.  Please note, documents need to be in a PDF format.

Please Note:

  • Each person that will be going door to door, including the applicant must upload the forms above.
  • Scan the background and license copies for one person together.
  • If you have multiple solicitors, please scan in order (i.e. Solicitor #1 background and license, Solicitor #2 background and license, etc.)
  • Do not group all backgrounds together followed by all license copies.

Fees are payable online during the application process, please have payment information ready.

  • Solicitor/Peddler/Transient Merchant Application Fees
    • 12 Month License Fee - $600 (Jan-Dec)
    • 6 Month License Fee - $300 (Jan-June)
    • 6 Month License Fee - $300 (July-Dec)
    • Background Investigation Fee = $35/person