Site Plan Application

Site Plan Application Process in iMS

  1. Step 1 - Review and Prepare
  2. Step 2 - Create an Account
  3. Step 3 - Apply
  4. Step 4 - Review and Payment

Review and Prepare

Before starting the application process, contact the Planning Department at 763-785-6180 to discuss your proposal. A planner will inform you of the submission and zoning code requirements that apply to your project.

Site Plan Approval is required for site improvements such as parking lot expansions or turf fields, that will not be obtaining a new building or addition permit. Site Plan Approval is also required for townhomes. Please discuss your project with a planner to ensure you submit the correct applications.

General Development Review Flowchart (PDF)

The following documents may need to be available for upload during the online application process. Please note, documents need to be in a .PDF format (other accepted formats are .DOC, .DOCX, .JPEG, and .PNG).

Site Plan Applications generally require: