Garbage and Recycling

The City operates a single-hauler organized collection system and has contracted collection service for all residential properties with Walters Recycling and Refuse, since January of 2016. The City works with Walters and Anoka County to offer residents a comprehensive solution for refuse and recycling collection.

Walters Recycling and Refuse

Walters Recycling and Refuse is the City’s selected garbage hauler for all residential properties. They provide weekly collection of Refuse (Garbage) and bi-weekly collection of Recycling. Walters also offers collection options for yard waste, bulk items and appliances.

The City bills residential properties for Refuse and Recycling. Additional services provided by Walters are billed directly by them.   

How Do I or Where Can I Recycle My Items?

If you have questions on how or where to recycle or dispose of items, Anoka County has developed a searchable Recycling and Disposal directory. This directory provides guidance on how to dispose of items properly and companies in Anoka County accept them.

Please type in the name of a material:

Questions About Services

If you are looking to start or stop service, change cart size, or place your garbage on a seasonal hold. Please fill out the corresponding form below. 

If you have billing related questions, please contact the Utility Billing Department at 763-785-6141 or by email at

Questions regarding yard waste and missed pickups, contact Walters Recycling and Refuse at 763-780-8464 or visit their website.

For more information on the solid waste and recycling program, contact Kyle Howard at 763-717-2637 or by email at

Collection Times

Please note that garbage and recycling collection begins at 7AM. Please have your carts out at the curb by 7AM to avoid the chance of being missed.

Important Items to Note

If you have bulk items for pick up and do not have the Premium service level, please contact Walters Refuse and Recycling at 763-780-8464 to make arrangements to have any bulk items picked up.

All appliances and bulk item services are to be prepaid.

Services following a holiday may be delayed one day depending on which day of the week the holiday falls. Please consult the Walters Recycling and Refuse website.