Utility Rates

Utility rates are reviewed and adjusted on a yearly basis. The Blaine City Council, as a part of the yearly budget process, works with the finance department to review current rates as well as rates of neighboring and similar sized cities. Blaine consistently ranks as one of the lowest cost city utility providers in the metro area.

Summer Billing

Customers can expect higher bills in the summer months due to lawn watering. Please keep in mind that the City of Blaine does have sprinkling restrictions in place each year. Following the restrictions can not only help conserve water but it will also save you money on your utility bill. Learn more about the sprinkling restrictions at BlaineMN.gov/LawnSprinkling.

Meter Radio Shortage

The City is currently experiencing a shortage of radio transmitters for utility meters due to supply chain shortages. In some cases the City is requesting that residents report their meter reading to the City. If this is needed for your property you will receive a mailed notice from the City.

Billing Questions

If you ever have questions about your bill or the amount that you are being charged for utility services please contact the Utility Billing department at 763-785-6141 or utilityrequests@blainemn.gov.

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial

Water Rates

Residential customers are billed quarterly for water. The water is billed for the prior months’ usage. The water charge is a combination of a flat service fee plus usage based on gallons used. The city also collects a State water test fee each quarter.

Service LevelFee
Flat Service Fee                                  $8.86/Quarter
0 - 24,000 Gallons$2.59/1,000 Gallons
24,000 - 75,000 Gallons$3.41/1,000 Gallons
75,001 - 150,000 Gallons$4.07/1,000 Gallons
150,000+ Gallons$4.90/1,000 Gallons
 State Water Test Fee$2.43/Quarter 

Sewer Rates

Residential customers are billed quarterly for sewer. Sewer is a flat charge based on dwelling units.

 Dwelling Unit                        $80.50/Quarter
 Senior Discount$40.25/Quarter

Garbage & Recycling Rates

Residential customers are billed quarterly for garbage and recycling.

Service LevelFee
 96 Gallon (Premium Service)$71.00/Quarter
 68 Gallon$60.00/Quarter
 38 Gallon$52.00/Quarter

*All prices include Recycling ($12.00/Quarter) and Tax

Premium Service allows for the disposal of six bulk items per year. 

All service levels include a 96 gallon cart for recycling. Recycling is unlimited and extra recycling carts are available at no extra charge. The collection of properly bundled brush and Christmas trees are also included.

More information can be found on the Garbage and Recycling Page


Residential customers are billed quarterly for stormwater. Stormwater is a flat charge based on dwelling units.

 Dwelling Units                  $13.86/Quarter