Hire an Off-Duty Officer

Reimbursable Police Services (RPS) 

Certain events may need a Special Events License through the City Clerk’s Office.

How to Request an Officer for your Event

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To Apply Online:

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Please Note:

  • Applications received 14 business days or less before the event are processed with the understanding that the assignment may not be filled.
  • A background check may be required for establishments/applicants serving alcohol.

Payment Methods

  • The applicant will be billed monthly and must make payment upon receipt of billing, in cashiers check, money order, or company check. The city reserves the right to require payment in advance.
  • When payments are more than 30 days past due, the city reserves the option of suspending the contract. Further extra-duty employment will be withheld until payment of arrears is received in full.

Unscheduled Hours

  • If an officer works additional hours beyond the end of their regular RPS assignment (e.g. makes an arrest while working extra duty and needs to complete paperwork), the applicant will not be responsible for payment of the additional costs. The officer will submit for overtime payment from the City of Blaine.
  • If an officer works additional hours at the request of the applicant, the applicant will be billed accordingly.


In cases where refunds are due, a credit or refund will be processed as requested by the applicant.

Rate Schedule

A routine rate is charged for RPS job requests. The current routine rate for RPS Officers is $100/hour with a three hour minimum.  A holiday rate for RPS Officers is $200/hr with a three hour minimum.  For special events, we require one officer per one thousand of expected attendance. If alcohol is served, two officers per one thousand of expected attendance are required.  Under certain unique circumstances, city staff will evaluate the event and the number of officers may be adjusted with specific justification and deviation to the event organizer (View Special Event Ordinance 70-42).  

Administrative fees will be charged to an event organizer on the following schedule:

Estimated Attendance
0 – 1000
1000 – 3000
3000 – 5000
5000 – 10,000
Over 10,000

This fee is for staff time to organize and coordinate the logistics, meetings and any other preparation for the event.

Holiday Pay

The holiday rate will apply to all jobs that begin on the following holidays:

  • Martin Luther King Day (observed) 
  • President's Day (observed) 
  • Memorial Day (observed) 
  • Independence Day - July 4
  • Labor Day (observed)
  • Veteran's Day - November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day (observed)
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve - December 24
  • Christmas Day - December 25
  • New Year's Day - January 1

NOTE: The contract application will reflect the minimum hours charged. The above rate schedule is subject to change. The applicant will be notified of such changes as soon as possible before the increase.

Use of Marked Squads

Marked police vehicles may be used if they are requested by the applicant and are reasonably required to adequately complete the job the officer(s) are hired to perform. The use of marked police vehicles will be authorized by the Administrative Services Captain on a case by case basis. There will be NO additional fee for the use of a marked police vehicle when approved.

The Police Department reserves the right to deny use of marked squad.

Staffing Requirements

These general staffing requirements are for security purposes and do not count the number of officers that are needed for traffic control and/or direction.  Generally, the guideline is one officer per 1,000 patrons and two officers per 1,000 patrons at events serving alcohol. 

When hiring six or more officers for an event at the same time (including traffic control), a supervisor may be required.  If 10 or more officers are hired for an event at the same time, an incident commander, as well as on on-site supervisor, may be required.  

If the Administrative Services Captain determines that the size of the event warrants, the applicant will work with the Administrative Services Captain to determine the number of officers needed for the assignment. The Administrative Services Captain may determine if more or less supervision is needed for the event.

In cases where the applicant underestimated the attendance, the on-duty Patrol Supervisors may at their discretion notify the applicant that additional officers are needed. Whether or not the applicant is notified, the City reserves the right to assign additional officers and the applicant shall be responsible for the cost of the additional officers.

Cancellations Procedures

Cancellations by Applicant

  • Cancellation by the applicant shall be made at least 24 hours before the assignment begins, unless the cancellation is caused by weather related conditions or natural disaster.
  • If the Administrative Services Captain receives less than 24 hour notice from the applicant, the applicant shall be charged a minimum of three hours for each requested Officer.
  • During business hours contact the Administrative Services Captain by calling 763-717-2652 for cancellations (Monday through Friday 8AM – 4PM).
  • If there are cancellations of an impending assignment during non-business hours the applicant should attempt to contact the Administrative Services Captain and if unsuccessful, contact the Patrol Supervisor at 763-427-1212.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Applicant to notify the Administrative Services Captain if the business or organization will be closed for a holiday or for any other purpose when extra duty officers are normally scheduled. If the applicant fails to notify the Administrative Services Captain that officers are not needed that day, the normal minimum charges for the assignment will apply.

Cancellations by the Blaine Police Department

  • Cancellations by the On-Duty Patrol Supervisor or the Administrative Services Captain
    • Under extraordinary circumstances, if an assigned officer is unable to fulfill the assignment due to illness or injury and a substitute cannot be found, the applicant assignment may be cancelled.
    • The applicant will not be billed for the scheduled hours. If applicant paid in advance, the hours scheduled and not worked will be refunded.
  • Cancellations by the Chief of Police
    • In the case of a Departmental need or community emergency, the Chief or his designee may cancel extra-duty assignments.
    • The applicant will not be billed for any hours not worked.

Worker's Compensation/Liability

The City of Blaine is self-insured for general liability and statutory worker's compensation coverage. Police officers assigned to extra duty work are afforded this coverage, and are considered to be City of Blaine employees acting in the course and scope of their official duties while performing this work.

Officer Not Reporting for Extra Duty

If an officer was scheduled to work and did not report, the applicant should notify the Administrative Services Captain at 763-717-2652 or the On-Duty Patrol Supervisors at 763-427-1212 immediately. The city makes no guarantee nor does it agree that it will endeavor to find a replacement.

Discontinue Service

If the Chief of Police or his designee determines that it is in the best interest of the department to discontinue extra duty services, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible.

Scheduled Hours Changed

The Administrative Services Captain will try to accommodate schedule change requests if made 24 hours prior to the starting time of the event, the city does not guarantee that such request can be accommodated.

Minimum Hours for Assignment

The minimum number of paid hours for each officer is three.

Notice to Applicants

The officers are at all times subject to the policies of the City of Blaine, the laws and Constitution of the United States and the state of Minnesota, and the rules and regulations governing employees of the Blaine Police Department (BPD). An applicant has no authority over police personnel and is restricted to providing only a general assignment of duties to be performed by the officer. Those assignments never supersede BPD policy or procedures and the applicant is hereby so advised. Extra duty officers remain under the exclusive control of the city and are accountable for strict adherence to its rules and regulations. Any conflicting rules of the applicant will be disregarded. The officer shall refuse to perform any duties deemed to be in conflict with the guidelines established by BPD. As determined by the Police Department, officers may be recalled from extra duty to on duty status.

This application is for law enforcement work only and does not exempt applicants from obtaining other necessary permits for events.

The City of Blaine Police Department is NOT obligated to provide extra duty services. The city reserves its right to deny an application for extra-duty officers.

BPD officers are not permitted to receive cash from applicant for any reason whatsoever.

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To Apply Online:

Submit your request online today.  

Request an Officer Opens in new window

Please Note:

  • Applications received 14 business days or less before the event are processed with the understanding that the assignment may not be filled.
  • A background check may be required for establishments/applicants serving alcohol.