Open Space Passport

passport logo trans-01The City of Blaine has over 650 acres of open space in 7 locations:

  • Blaine Wetland Sanctuary
  • Hidden Ponds
  • Kane Meadows
  • Laddie Lake
  • Lochness Park
  • Oak Savannah
  • Pioneer Park

We challenge you to explore these natural areas and discover the unique features of each one.

When you have completed your passport, turn it in to the Parks and Recreation office to be entered into a drawing for an exploration kit!

Preserving open space means fresh air, abundant wildlife, and happy kids!

  • Open space helps combat air pollution and curtail climate change. Trees and other vegetation on conserved land not only remove air pollutants which are harmful to human health and overall environmental quality, but also serve as carbon sequesters to help combat climate change.
  • Natural open space plays a crucial role in protecting and enhancing water quality.
  • Open spaces provide children with the opportunity to explore, engage, and learn experientially.
  • Preserved natural open spaces protect the habitats that local wildlife needs to survive and thrive.
  • Open space provides the public with inexpensive places to get outside and connect to nature which is not only good for our physical and mental health, but is an established driver for our economy.
  • Open space increases property values.
  • Open space serves to preserve the special places that define our communities --- without it, our community would not look or feel the same.

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