Property Damage

Even in the best conditions and despite the best efforts of the operator, snow plowing and ice control operations can cause property damage. It is appropriate to specify when this damage shall be the responsibility of the City and when it shall be the responsibility of the resident.

View information specific to sod damage.

Right-of-Way Improvements

The major types of damage are to improvements in the Right-of-Way and landscape damage. Improvements in the Right-of-Way may include:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Mailboxes
  • Planter boxes

These items have been placed in the City's property, in most instances, without notification or permission of the city.

Staking & Construction

Mailboxes and similar objects are quite often obvious and easy to avoid. Low structures and irrigation systems are impossible to identify after a storm. The staking of these obstructions and fixtures is indeed helpful, although the City cannot accept responsibility for any damage.

Mailboxes, lights, etc. should be constructed sturdy enough to withstand snow rolling off a plow or wing. Therefore, damage resulting from snow is the responsibility of the resident. The City will accept responsibility for damage if a mailbox is physically struck by a plow and if the mailbox post is considered to be of proper construction in accordance with U.S. Postal guidelines.

Damage Repair & Reimbursement

The City will repair, replace or reimburse the resident up to $50, in those instances where the City has caused physical damage as a result of direct contact with the mailbox. Installation of a new mailbox and/or post is not included in this policy and will not be performed without authorization from the Public Works Director or his designee.

The City will have the choice of whether to repair or replace or reimburse; and will only reimburse the cost of materials. The City will only replace or reimburse the cost of a standard designed mailbox and post.

Decorative boxes and posts are the responsibility of the property owner.